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 BDAKC Rules

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Tōshirō Hitsugaya

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PostSubject: BDAKC Rules   Tue Aug 23, 2011 2:58 am

Welcome to BDAKC rules.

First of all you need to know that if you don't follow a rule twice you will get 1 warning.
The most warnings you get are 7. If you get 1 warning you will lose all your duel points.
If you have 2 warnings you will be switch with the seated rank of the person after you(if you are not a seated officer you will be banned for 3 days) and your duel points. If you have 3 warnings you
will lose your duel points, 2 seated ranks (if you can't afford losing ranks this won't take effect), and be banned for a week. If you have 4 warnings you
will lose your duel points,4 seated ranks (if you can't afford losing ranks this won't take effect), and be banned for a month. If you have 5 warnings you will
lose everything and be banned forever. (IP Ban)
Here are the rules:
Don't spam(don't make posts that are no needed around).
Don't double post(if you have make a post and you want to post again there don't do it, just edit your last post).
Don't necro post(don't post to topics-posts that are very old).
Don't fight with the other members.
Don't say bad words.
Respect other people and try to help them.
Don't laugh at amateur duelists, just remember that you was amateur too sometime.
Don't adverstive links-forums-sites without ask an admin and he accept.
Be active or you will be deleted(if you be inactive for 2 weeks your account will be deleted).
Spamming and breaking the rules will not be tolerated(for every spamming and rule breaking member will get a warning. With 5 warnings members will be banned)

I hope you to follow them and have fun in Bleach Duel Academy KC.

Rain over the frosted heavens, Hyorinmaru.

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